Privacy Policy

Roma Antica's Commitment to Your Privacy

At Roma Antica, a revered Italian restaurant, respecting customer privacy is a fundamental aspect of the dining experience. The restaurant's Privacy Policy is a testament to its commitment to safeguarding the personal details of its patrons. This policy is crucial in building and maintaining the trust that diners place in the restaurant.

Information Collection and Usage at Roma Antica

When guests visit Roma Antica, they can expect a meticulous approach to information collection and usage. Personal details like names, contact information, and payment details are collected primarily for order processing, customer service, and communication about services. Additionally, Roma Antica may gather usage data such as IP addresses, browser types, page visits, and time spent on the site, which is invaluable for enhancing the overall service experience.

Ensuring Data Protection and Security

One of Roma Antica's top priorities is the protection of personal information. The restaurant employs various security measures to ensure the safety of personal data, whether it's while placing an order or accessing personal information. This commitment to security is a cornerstone of Roma Antica's promise to its customers.

The Policy on Sharing Information

In line with its privacy policy, Roma Antica maintains a strict stance on the sharing of information. Personal data is not sold, traded, or transferred to outside parties, with the exception of trusted third parties who assist in website operation, business conduct, or customer service, under the condition of confidentiality.

Use of Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Roma Antica's website enhances user experience through the use of cookies. These small files, transferred to the user's computer hard drive via the web browser, enable the recognition of the browser and the collection of certain information. This technology is instrumental in customizing the online experience based on individual preferences.

Your Consent Matters

By using Roma Antica's services, customers give their consent to the privacy policy. The restaurant values this trust and ensures transparency in its practices. Any changes to the privacy policy will be communicated effectively and updated on the restaurant's website.

Open Communication Channel

Roma Antica encourages open communication regarding its privacy policy. Customers with questions or concerns can easily reach out to the restaurant at +1 415-896-4281, ensuring an open and responsive dialogue about privacy matters.

Roma Antica's privacy policy is not just a formal document; it's a reflection of the restaurant's dedication to creating a secure and trustworthy environment for its patrons. This commitment to privacy is integral to the exceptional dining experience that Roma Antica offers.